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This section is for Nappies from the US. I thought it worth creating this page, as there are so many gorgeous nappies from America. I want to focus on more unusual WAHM nappies, rather than the more mainstream type e.g. Fuzzi Bunz, which I think is more appropriate on the main nappy blog.

Sunday, September 02, 2007


Microfibre nappy


Anonymous Fujimo said...

Wickeez is a US company, but offers great price on wickeez nappies and discounted shipping to UK.

A few of my friends (as well as I) have purchased these and find them to be of excellent quality. They are made of the same fabric as tots bots fluffles and lollipop softees. Yet, they are less expensive... even including the discounted shipping from the US.

I also like the three size system better than the two size sysem. This gives you the opportunity to get a really nice fit on a newborn, if you want. You can always start off with the size 1, but if you wanted a nicer fit for your newborn, then you can get size 0.

3:19 PM  
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