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This section is for Nappies from the US. I thought it worth creating this page, as there are so many gorgeous nappies from America. I want to focus on more unusual WAHM nappies, rather than the more mainstream type e.g. Fuzzi Bunz, which I think is more appropriate on the main nappy blog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Liz Cloth Hemp Nappy

My son at coming up 15months in his lovely Liz Cloth Hemp Nappy size large, I have left the pop-in booster in.


Blogger Maisiemog said...

I love love this nappy, it's a size large, but it fits so neatly that my ds has been able to wear it since he was about 8 months, it still fits like a glove at 15 months.
There is a thick hemp booster, which adds to the bulk of the nappy, so can be taken out for a neater fit, obviously this compromises the absorbency though.
We put this on ds for a trip to IKEA, famously all trips there last longer than first though, and he ended up wearing this nappy for about 4.5 hours, or possibly 5. It lasted and lasted, with absolutely no leaks, very impressive.
It isn't fleece lined, so you would need to use a fleece liner if that is your preference, but at least it gives the choice, if you don't want to use or can't use fleece.
Fab It costs around $12, which is about £7, but there's shipping to pay, maybe economical to buy a few as she operates a discount for multiple buys. Happy to ship to the UK.

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