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This section is for Nappies from the US. I thought it worth creating this page, as there are so many gorgeous nappies from America. I want to focus on more unusual WAHM nappies, rather than the more mainstream type e.g. Fuzzi Bunz, which I think is more appropriate on the main nappy blog.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Other Nappies

Please feel free to leave a review for a nappy that isn't on this page, I am going to populate this page slowly, and would be grateful for any input.


Blogger mum2girls said...

Lucy's Hope Chest fitteds. these are really very well made nappies. they have side snaps which are hidden so don't touch the baby. they have an internal soaker and a lay in soaker which makes them dry quite fast. the prints are beautiful and she's always open for customs. the all organic velour handyed nappies are so soft and squishy and very absorbant. i love my lucy's hope chests and they are one of my workhorse nappies.

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