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This section is for Nappies from the US. I thought it worth creating this page, as there are so many gorgeous nappies from America. I want to focus on more unusual WAHM nappies, rather than the more mainstream type e.g. Fuzzi Bunz, which I think is more appropriate on the main nappy blog.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Righteous Baby Fits Like a Glove (FLAG) Nappies

My son at 15 months wearing a size 2 FLAG nappy. This one has a cotton jersey outer and a velour inner and fastens with side snaps.


Blogger Maisiemog said...

Righteous Baby FLAG nappies with cotton prints on the outside.
Lovely fit, look very slim. Absorbent hemp and a fleece topped booster, saves fiddling with a separate liner.
I now have a velour inner nappy with jersey outer, as far as I know the booster has a concealed hemp layer, and lasts three hours in the daytime - the longest I would leave a nappy on.
I have bought mine second hand, and they have been great, the elastic is still as good as new, so a great buy.
The side snapping poppers are generous and allow a good fit.
Like most frilly leg nappies the poop can get caught, so problem flushing away.
Hemp also goes a bit hard and needs to be tumbled for a few minutes after the wash.
I have used this at night, with a three layer hemp booster, and it worked well.
Obviously the downside is this nappy is hard to get hold of and they cost a fair bit new in the US. BUt if you do see one second hand it's a good buy.

3:33 AM  
Blogger Maisiemog said...

I have been using the size two on my baby since he was around 10/11 months and he is still on the outside poppers, so I see them lasting a good while yet.

3:34 AM  
Blogger mum2girls said...

i love the Righteous Baby Flags. they have a great fit and the materials used are very good quality. very slim fitting and gorgeous overall.

6:03 AM  

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